Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Jennifers Chopped, Channeled, Sectioned '32 Ford Coupe

Jennifer (Wife) as owned this lil '32 prize since she was 4 years old. Her Dad (Charlie) bought way back when and drove it all over the country with a small trailer behind it, hell even heard stories of pulling others cars through the mountains....lol! Jenn and I began rebuilding this car some years ago, with the start of just some frame rails, that I build into a rolling chassis, and fabricated a 16g firewall and floors all the way back. To date 2018, we are going to jump back on the build and see about getting it finished... I'll be posting more pics as we progress... Enjoy! Tim


Work on re-mounting the headlight/shock mounts, and installed the commercial big lights. Also bare metal finished the hood, and used some Gibbs oil to help protect it. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

'52 Chopped Chevy

Brought in for a 4/5 chop, lowered, wheels, flat primer, new chrome bumpers and '54 grille!


The infamous '54 Chevy of Tim Bradham! Shown here haulin ass from N.C. To Texas in 2013 for The Lone Star Round Up and back with its 235 c.i. 3 speed! 80 mph plus, she purred like kitten...... Soon it'll be time to update the chassis & drivetrain for the '15 season with our new IFS system and rear 2 link! 

TBCWorks new bolt on Chevy IFS! 

My new IFS is a true bolt on, equipped with coil overs, GM dropped spindles and brakes, 1 1/4 lower control arms, 1” uppers, and manual rack! Power rack, and air bag optional... Prices start at $2300.00